Titan Express

You can always count on us

Who in the world are we?

Titan Express is a relatively new virtual trucking company (VTC), founded by ImHelix, focused on delivering the best virtual trucking experience there is. Below, you can see some of the stuff we offer our drivers with:

Growing Community

Our VTC is growing in player count day by day, and we're not planning on stopping this growth anytime soon!

Validated Company

On the 5th of July 2023, we got validation. This has assured that we as a VTC do not plan on stopping our operations and improvise wherever we go!


We always try to attend as many convoys as possible, both in ETS2 and occasionally ATS, and also at different times so that people from all over the world gets to attend these.


To log, we use Trucksbook.eu, one of the best virtual company logging system out there! We use this as it is straight-forward and logs your jobs automatically whilst just running in the background!


Our applications are super straight-forward, easy and most of the people that apply gets accepted and set into our trial driver drive-alongs, which is super easy to pass!


Everyone in our company is dedicated, meaning that you will see and get to drive with others a lot of the time. We put a lot of time and effort into improving and expanding the community!

These numbers speak for themselves.

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